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Do you want to buy a house and finance it with a mortgage? Then it is important to be well informed. We are happy to help you get a good understanding of your options based on your personal situation. We will guide you through the entire process and make sure you get the best loan that suits your needs. Different life stages naturally come with different needs and different mortgage options, such as:

  • Buying a first home
  • Moving house with or without a mortgage already taken out for your current home
  • Using excess value for a remodel or to take out a second mortgage
    Arranging a mortgage before you retire
  • Get divorced and take care of mortgage matters
  • Take out a self-employed mortgage

Financial maintenance

Maybe financial maintenance is not that important to you. You already have a mortgage and your insurance. Still, it is imperative that you take a hard look at your financial situation. It is advisable to do so with an expert and knowledgeable financial advisor.

When evaluating your current status think about:

  • Does your mortgage fit your current situation?
  • Has your personal situation changed? Think: getting married, having children, etc.
  • Do you have financial products you need?
  • Is your financial product still affordable?
  • Do you have enough with your current financial product?
  • Do you need to buy an additional product?

Financial maintenance ensures you have products that are right for you. It’s about making sure your mortgage can always be paid off even if you have other expenses such as: studying your child or working less in the future.

Financial maintenance is more important than you think.


The term wealth includes advice around financial decisions you need to make. At different stages of life, you run into questions, where a financial advisor can be of great help. Decisions such as buying or selling a house, moving into a house together or getting divorced and living separately. Questions also arise around your assets if you get married, if you have children, if you were to divorce or if you were to retire. The same goes for preventing financial risks from death or disability. Then consider financial advice, where engaging a financial advisor is the best choice.

Insurance in mortgages

When applying for a mortgage, it is wise to cover financial risks with insurance. The risk of you or your partner dying, or the risk of becoming disabled, are the best known of these. For example, various circumstances may cause you to suddenly stop working, which can have a major impact on your income. You may not be able to pay your mortgage in full or at all. By properly identifying these risks, we can help you take out appropriate insurance. With such insurance, it is important to consider:

  • What your financial risk is
  • Which insurances are useful in your situation
  • Where you can get insurance with the best premium and good conditions
  • What is important not to be overinsured or underinsured, how to keep your insurance up to date.

We advise and help you with insurance.